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Our Bullmastiffs

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Bullberry Olwyn "Olvi"
breeder: Hanna Palos
elbows 0/0, hips C/C

Our sweet and very, very energetic Olvi has lived with us since August, 2009. She is very special in many ways, mostly how wonderful mother she was with her puppies (litters year 2011 and 2013) ... Thank you Hanna for lovely Olvi!

Olvi´s sire is GB CH Copperfield Zamiel from England and she is his only  offspring in Finland.

Olvi´s dam is Viiru Bullberry Tintagel, brindle colored and her granddam is Veteran WW-08 C.I.B Bullberry Ragtime "Kukka".

Her grandsire is wonderful WW-09 C.I.B Piet-ra Zebulon of Trefilio, Hungary. We are happy to tell that we met Zebulon year -15 in Budapest! He is absolutely wonderful!

More information of Olvi you`ll find here ...

      EE CH East Acton Summer Sunshine "Rose"
elbows 0/0, hips B/C
Approved character test + 157

Rose is lovely, very social and sweet! Her personality is very similar than her sire Banja, both love to chat and carry many kinds of things. You never know where you can find your socks or shoes :) She is also like her dam Olvi, both are so energetic!

We love her very much! She got her litter in 2014 and was wonderful mother!

More information you`ll find
here ...

FI & EE & SE CH & HeJW-15 & JW-15 & EE JCH
 East Acton Opuntia Ellisiana "Sinna"

elbows 0/0, hips C/C

More information about Sinna you will  find here ...

She is a daughter of Cash & Rose, we are very proud of her!

Colom Orka "Aimi"
breeder: Susan Cox, England

We are happy to tell that Aimi is here :)