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Puppies & litters

English towns -litter 2020

22.1.2020 puppies were born; four males and three females...
sire: C.I.B East Acton Banja Luca
elbows 0/0, hips C/B, mental tested

dam: Balt JCH Colom Orka
elbows 0/0, hips C/B

So, so happy of these lovely puppies here!!!

 East Acton Caxton "Vilppu"
East Acton Clapham "Uuno"
East Acton Comberton "Riski"
East Acton Clifton "Coco"
East Acton Colne "Hilma"
East Acton Chatteris "Armi"
East Acton Chittering "Taiga"

Texas cactus -litter 2014

7.9.2014 Rose´s puppies were born: one red male and one fawn female!

Sire: AM CH Hy-Bull´s Pay on Demand "Cash", we are so happy that we got two other beautiful puppies after him. Cash was lovely red champion male and his lovely offspring is seen in USA, Australia and Europe.

Dam: EE CH East Acton Summer Sunshine "Rose". Rose was a lovely mother and still is with Dotti, that red male, he stayed at home.

We love them so much...

East Acton Opuntia Engelmannii "Dotti"

East Acton Opuntia Ellisiana "Sinna"

Texas cities - litter 2013

3.5.2013 two female puppies were born!

Sire: AM CH Hy-Bull´s Pay on Demand "Cash", born 16th of September, 2003. So he will been soon 11 years! We had a chance to have Cash´s semen in year 2007, now we got results! We have been waiting for these girls so long and we are absolutely happy for them! Thank you Larry D. Hyer!

Dam: Bullberry Olwyn "Olvi", this was her second litter. She showed again, how lovely mother she is and kept so good care of puppies all the time!

East Acton Lubbock "Taimi"

East Acton Lamesa of Bullberry "Moira"

You´ll find more photos of puppies from our blog...

Yellow rose - litter 2011

29.3.2011 litter was born; 3 males & 1 female.

Sire: C.I.B & FIN & EE & LV & RUS CH FIN Winner 2003 East Acton Banja Luca "Banja", elbows 0/0 (clear), hips B/C. Character tested in autumn 2007 with result +141, secure to shots.

He was so kind and handsome!

Dam: Bullberry Olwyn "Olvi", elbows 0/0 (clear), hips C/C. She is young and temperamental female!

We also saw that Olvi was so perfect mother! She took so good care of puppies all the time and she had a lot of milk...

Pedigree of Yellow rose - litter  here...


East Acton Shining Hour "Linus"

East Acton Sunny Delight "Pluto"

East Acton Sunny Today "Taavi"

East Acton Summer Sunshine "Rose"


 Tulip - litter 2002

20.5.2002 was a day when our first litter was born; 3 males!

Sire: Banjer-Boy v.d. Struyver "Banjer" from the Netherlands (hips TC), a son of World Winner -95 Lucky-Star vom Frankental. Banjer was almoust 7 years old, when this litter was born.

Dam: C.I.B & FIN & S & DK CH Finnish Winner 2001 Bullberry Bronwen "Lulu" (elbows 0/1, hips D). Lulu´s both grandparents were World Winners too: Bullberry Gwendolyn "Vekki in 1992 and Brinscall Brannigan "Manu" in 1998.

Both parents were very sporty, good-natured and "Lulu" also got along with other bitches and "Banjer" other males.

We named puppies after their Dutch sire with tulip varietys...

East Acton Banja Luca "Banja"

East Acton Burgundy Lace "Roope"

East Acton Bright Gem "Osku"