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Our past

Bullberry Olwyn "Olvi"
2009 - 2019
breeder: Hanna Palos
elbows 0/0, hips C/C

Our sweet and very, very energetic Olvi lived with us since August, 2009. She is our longest lived bullmastiff: 10 years and 4 months. She was very special in many ways, mostly how wonderful mother she was with her puppies (litters year 2011 and 2013) ... Thank you Hanna for lovely Olvi!

She has a big part of our life, Olvi is missed so much...

Olviīs sire is GB CH Copperfield Zamiel from England and she is his only  offspring in Finland. Olviīs dam is Viiru Bullberry Tintagel, brindle colored and her granddam is Veteran WW-08 C.I.B Bullberry Ragtime "Kukka". Her grandsire is wonderful WW-09 C.I.B Piet-ra Zebulon of Trefilio, Hungary. We are happy to tell that we met Zebulon year -15 in Budapest! He is absolutely wonderful!

More information of Olvi you`ll find here

FIN CH Far Isle`s Lady of East Acton "Mandi"

2006 - 2016
breeders: Joseph A. & Justin D. Matano, USA
elbows 0/0, hips E/E
co-owned with Tiina Lemmetty
Approved character test +180, secure to shots

Mandi came to Finland in September 2006. We co-owned her with Tiina & her family and Mandi also lived with them.

She was so cute and very feminin lady! Her personality was very brave and temperamental. Her pedigree is also very interesting!

Many, many thanks Joe for Mandi - "our American Beauty"...

Because of her hips, we had no chance to use her for breeding, but we were  happy that she was able to live very good and quite long life after all. Otherwise we were very pleased to her healthiness.

More information about Mandi youīll find here ...

C.I.B & FIN & EE CH Game Keeperīs Good as Gold "Tilda"
2005 - 2014
breeder: Trude Hegle, Norway
elbows 0/0, hips C/C
Approved character test +125, secure to shots

Tilda was very powerful and beautiful girl! She got her C.I.B title quite easily and as soon as it was possible, so she was only 2,5 years old then....

It was a big sorrow to us that she never got any puppies...After all we had a chance to keep her almost 10 years...

More information about Tilda you will find here...

C.I.B & FIN & EE & LV & RU CH Finnish Winner-03 East Acton Banja Luca "Banja"
2002 -2009
elbows 0/0, hips C/B
Approved character test +141, secure to shots

We are very proad and happy that we have had a chance to breed and own  bullmastiff like Banja Luca! He could have not been more loved than he was!

Banja Luca was the most kindest bullmastiff in the world, he got along with everybody - both people and all dogs, also other males. He was quite peaceful after all and had wonderful sense of humor!  It was so easy to live with him...

Banja was a big boy, about 70 cm high and his weight about 70 kg.

Banja had two litters in Finland; year 2004 (kennel Rohmutassun) and year 2011 here kennel East Acton.

More information about Banja Luca ... here...(for example his pedigree)

  Rohmutassun Cinnamon "Tonja"
2004 -2006
breeder:  Minna Ruohonen

Tonja lived a short life but we hope happy life. Tonja and her sire Banja were so lovely couple, they truly enjoyed each otherīs company.

We learnt so much, Tonja was very sweet in every way! But it is so painful to lose so young dog! But it is needed to tell, that the others of that litter lived quite a long life, some of them even over 10 years!

We miss her very much!

More infromation about Tonja here ...

C.I.B & FIN & S & DK CH V-02 Bullberry Bronwen "Lulu"

1998 - 2004
breeder:  Hanna Palos
elbows 0/1, hips D/D
Top winning Bullmastiff 2003!

Lulu brought a lot of joy and new experiences to our life! She was something special and we miss her so much! The most important has been her personality; she was wonderful, always happy and loved everybody.

There were five puppies in her litter. One sister went to Sweden, another sister to Malaysia, one brother to Russia and another brother to USA.

She had wonderful show carreer!

Lulu got her first and only litter, when she was 3,5 years old (Tulip-litter 2002).

More information about Lulu you`ll find
here ...

      Bizarre Bullīs Mustang "Rufus"
1989 - 1999
breeders: Tita & Markku Gavrilov
hips A2

Our first Bullmastiff - Rufus - came to our life in October 1989. This brindle  male was very big, peaceful and dedicated to his family. We were told that then in 1989 there were only about 20 brindle colored Bullmastiffs in Finland. Nowadays there are a lot of brindle colored here...

We spent together many good moments; at home, in the cottage, in the dog shows and also training the obedience.

His show career finished for many years when he was 2 years old. His diagonal ties were broken and after that he got the arthrosis. He would have needed only one CC more, so he would have become FIN & EE CH...

He lived quite a long life - 9,5 years.

More information about Rufus, you`ll find
here ...